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How to Use a Sewing Machine


Using a sewing machine effectivelyA sewing machine is a remarkable piece of equipment, designed to last a lifetime of sewing, hemming, and creating new garments.

While the machine itself is actually very basic in design and function, it can seem a little intimidating when being used for the first time.

The bobbins, needles, spools and pedals can seem far more complicated than they actually are.

Getting to know your machine may take some time, but once you are comfortable with it, then there is virtually nothing that you and your machine cannot accomplish.

This article will walk you through the basics of getting started, listing six easy to follow steps that will help you get started on a lifetime of sewing magic.

Step 1: Read the instruction manual

This should be the first thing you do when using any new piece of equipment.

In addition to gaining knowledge of what your sewing machine can do, reading the manual will help you to understand the parts that make up the machine itself.

Diagrams are invaluable for getting familiar with what and where everything is.

Step 2: Placing the thread

A sewing machine isn’t much of anything without a needle and thread.

Thus, the first thing you need to do is to install your thread.

Locate the thread spindle on your machine.

This is a metal bar that holds the spool of thread.

Slide the spool onto the spindle, securing it with the piece that holds it on.

Finally, pull the loose end of thread to create a long enough piece to feed through the thread holder.

Step 3: Threading the bobbin

Take the end of thread through the thread holder and feed it through the bobbin.

Wind the thread around the circular piece to secure it.

Next, place the bobbin onto the bobbin spindle.

Turn on the switch that enables the foot pedal to feed thread onto the bobbin.

Depress the pedal until you have sufficient thread on your bobbin.

Once your bobbin is full, you can cut it free from the remaining thread.

Step 4: Thread the machine

Once you’ve threaded your bobbin, you need to feed the thread through the machine to the needle.

For this, it is best to follow the diagrams provided either in your manual or on the machine itself.

Step 5: Finishing setup

Once you have threaded your machine, setup is nearly complete.

Take your bobbin and place it into the bobbin holder of the machine. Now you can put the cover back on the machine.

Next, turn the switch for your foot pedal back from the position of feeding the bobbin to its original position.

Finally, bring the needle down to its lowest point. You can do this by hand simply by turning the wheel until the needle is in place.

Keep turning to move the needle up. The needle will be threaded with the bobbin thread now, and your machine will be ready to use.

Step 6: Positioning the material

The needle passes through a metal foot that can be moved up and down.

This foot provides support to the material, keeping it from following the motion of the needle as the machine runs.

Raise the foot when you place your material on the machine. Always be sure to lower the foot again, creating a firm pressure on the cloth.

Be sure that it isn’t too tight, but that it allows your material to flow freely as you sew.


Now your machine is ready for use.

Again, in addition to following these steps, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual, as this will help you to identify and locate the various components of the machine.

Let the sewing magic begin!


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