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Tips to Buy the Right Sewing Machine


Sewing machine buying tipsA sewing machine is piece of equipment that is designed to last a lifetime.

Since you probably won’t have to replace any sewing machine you buy, it is critical that you purchase one that is truly right for you.

Knowing what projects you want to tackle, along with the heights you want to take your sewing prowess to, will help to determine which machine will best serve to achieve your goals.

This article will present some tips that will help you to know which sewing machine to choose for your lifelong sewing adventure.

Tip 1: Don’t go cheap

By and large, sewing machines aren’t really that expensive.

A few of the top models might require a small bank loan, but for the most part the average machine won’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars.

Even so, a couple hundred dollars may seem like a lot of money at the time you go to make this purchase. The most important thing to remember is to NEVER settle for a machine that you don’t want because you can’t afford the one you do want.

Look at this as a lifelong investment. Save up to afford the machine that you have your heart set on, otherwise you will waste your money on whatever you buy.

Tip 2: Get help from knowledgeable people

The best thing to do is to go with someone who can help you make this decision. If you have a friend who knows you well, and is a prolific sewer, TAKE THIS PERSON.

They will help you by understanding your decision from both ends. Not only will they help with sewing machine information, they will help you with deciding what you really want.

Additionally, going to the right store will help tremendously as well.

Don’t go to an electronics department of a department store, where the average employee is working on commission and won’t know anything about sewing machines.

Rather, go to a craft store where the staff know and use the things they sell.

Fabric stores sell sewing machines, and often have sales and coupons that will help you afford that perfect model!

Tip 3: Punch above your weight

While there are many models of sewing machines available, they all fit into three main categories—beginner, intermediate, and expert.

If you are a beginner, and you buy a machine for beginners, you may well ‘outgrow’ your machine in due course.

Don’t be afraid to punch above your weight and get a machine that you can grow into, as it were.

Tip 4: Take it for a test drive

Just as you would take a car for a test drive, to see how it feels, sounds and handles, so too should you take your machine for a test drive.

If you have regular projects you know you will be working on, bring pieces of the fabric you will be using. This will enable you to get a true feel for the machine in the way it will perform for you.

Fabric shops will let you sew to your heart’s content on their floor models, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

Make sure the machine performs as well as it promises before taking it home.


Following the four steps in this article will hopefully make the task of choosing the right sewing machine a simpler, more enjoyable one.

Remember, you never have to make the decision alone. If you have no one to bring with you, friendly, knowledgeable people can be found in the right stores.

Who knows, in the process of finding the right machine, you might just make some new friends as well!


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