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The Best Ways to Maintain your Carpet


How to maintain your carpet effectivelyCarpets are the most used and abused elements of any home.

From people traffic to pet traffic, all sorts of feet and paws track in dirt, mud and the general grime that can make any carpet appear dull and dingy.

Regular vacuuming is not always enough, especially in the case of heavy traffic areas.

This article will present some time-tested tips on how to maintain your carpet, even those heavy traffic areas.

Following these tips will help keep your carpets looking and feeling their best, without having to use expensive and time consuming carpet cleaners all the time.

Tip 1: Use doormats

The proverbial ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to cleaning carpets.

You don’t have to clean a carpet if it doesn’t get dirty in the first place.

Using doormats is an ideal way to keep the majority of dirt and mud from coming inside.

Always wipe your feet when coming in from the outside.

Tip 2: Vacuum often

In addition to dirt and mud, dust can have a devastating effect on the appearance of your carpet.

When dust is allowed to accumulate, it can become imbedded in the carpet, becoming harder to remove.

Regular vacuuming will prevent dust and debris from building up in the carpet fibers, thus keeping your carpet looking and feeling its best. Get a decent carpet cleaner like the Bissell proheat to do this efficiently.

Tip 3: Address spills immediately

While there are dozens of tips and tricks for treating carpet stains, the one step that they all agree upon is to address spills IMMEDIATELY.

The sooner you clean up a spill, the less time it has to get deep into your carpet’s fibers.

This means that your carpet will be clean inside and out.

Tip 4: Use area rugs

Area rugs are not only good additions for wooden floors; they are also great forms of protection for carpet.

Using area rugs in high traffic areas will extend the life of your regular carpet by years.

Additionally, area rugs can be taken to professional cleaners, thus stains will never be as disastrous on a rug as they can be on the carpet itself.

Tip 5: Clean under area rugs

While using area rugs is a perfect method for protecting your carpet, they can still allow dust and dirt to seep through to the carpet itself.

Thus, whenever you vacuum, always be sure to vacuum the carpet under area rugs, thus preventing any dust or dirt buildup.

Additionally, vacuuming the underside of an area rug will also help to prevent dust and dirt buildup on the carpet underneath.

Tip 6: Maintain your carpet’s protection

Many carpets today come with stain resistant coatings.

This is a wonderful method for protecting your carpet from stains and general dirt, but it is not a magic wand.

Eventually, such protective coatings deteriorate, either through age, sunlight or from the traffic that your carpet experiences on a daily basis.

In order to help protect your carpet from stains and dirt, apply fresh coats of stain guard on a regular basis.

In many cases, once a year should be enough.


The six simple tips in this article will help you to maintain your carpet’s best look and feel for years to come.

While carpet cleaners can be very effective at restoring your carpets, following the tips in this article will help prevent the need for such drastic measures more often than is absolutely necessary.

In the end, a little extra love on a daily basis will go a long way to keeping your carpets looking and feeling like new.


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