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How to Clean Wool Rugs and Carpets


Cleaning wool rugs and carpetsWool rugs and carpets can be a wonderful addition to any room.

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpeting, a nice wool rug can add a splash of color to help give a room a richer feel.

Wool rugs can last a lifetime, but only if they are cared for properly.

Some of the techniques used for cleaning regular carpet can, in fact, cause damage to wool rugs.

This article will present some of the techniques recommended for cleaning wool rugs and carpets in order to preserve their appearance and longevity.

Simple dirt removal

Most wool rugs are more decorative and ornamental rather than functional.

As such, dirt and dust accumulation are usually the only things that will soil your carpet.

The best way to remove dust and dirt from a wool rug is as follows:

  • Take the rug outside to clean – Make sure that it is a clear day, with no chance of rain. Also, try to avoid heavy winds, as this will make the task much more complicated.
  • Hang the rug on a clothesline or a railing – Make sure that whatever you hang it on is clean and dry. Also, make sure the rug is dry before cleaning, as any moisture will cause this process to do more harm than good.
  • Beat the rug with a broom or a rug beater – This will cause the dirt and dust to become dislodged from the carpet. Do this repeatedly until no dirt or dust comes out of the carpet.
  • Leave to air out for about 10 minutes, before returning it to its normal location. This should be done once a week to prevent significant dirt and dust accumulation.

Moderate dirt removal

For wool rugs that have been neglected for long periods of time, or for high traffic areas, the dirt and dust accumulation will require a more serious method of cleaning.

In this case, the method to remove dirt and dust is as follows:

  • Make sure the rug or carpet is completely dry.
  • Take your carpet cleaner machine and adjust it to a high setting – Vacuums without a beater brush are best for wool rugs, but setting the vacuum on a high setting will allow the suction to remove the dirt and dust while preventing the beater brush from coming into contact with the rug.
  • Vacuum in all directions – This prevents the pile of the carpet from getting crushed in a particular direction.
  • Turn the rug over and vacuum the other side – This will prevent any underside dust and dirt making its way into the base of the carpet fibers.
  • For carpets that experience high traffic, vacuuming a couple times a week is recommended.

Stain removal

Just as traditional methods of carpet cleaning can be too harsh on a wool rug or carpet, so too can traditional stain-removal methods.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and powders, as these can damage the fibers and also fade any color or design on the rug.

The best method of stain removal on a wool carpet or rug is as follows:

  • Mix ¼ cup white vinegar to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray solution onto stain, making sure the area is very wet.
  • Blot the moisture with a dry towel or paper towels, being careful not to rub the stain at all. Keep blotting until all moisture is removed.
  • Placing the rug outside to air dry or dry in the sun is a good way to ensure a gentle, thorough drying of the rug.


Proper care for a wool carpet or rug will ensure it lasts for many years.

Never place a wool rug in the washing machine or dryer, and remember to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives.

The cleaning methods presented above are the most recommended for the regular care of any wool carpet or rug.


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