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Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews in 2016


Best carpet cleanersIs your hatred of the unclean as deep seated as the grime in your carpets?

Wanna know what the best carpet cleaner is to do battle with it?

Find out by reading through our comprehensive guide!

A proverb says that in life only death and taxes are inevitable. If you ask anyone who has ever had to do chores around the house if they agree, they’ll probably add dust to the list as well.

Let’s face it – no matter how diligently you scrub and wash, there’s always more that seems to be stuck in there real good, and certainly more on the way in the not so distant future.

One way you can at least keep the dirt at bay is if you get yourself a carpet cleaning machine.

Today’s devices aren’t only inexpensive but they also provide fantastic results in keeping your house from bacteria, allergens and other contaminants as well as leaving a fresh smell that will make it into a home more than your old broom or brush ever could.

In this guide we have rounded up carpet cleaner reviews for the products we believe have what it takes to transform your home and improve your health. It is divided up into three segments.

The first introduces five premium products that have everything you could possibly ask for. In the second we’re taking a look at some more affordable yet totally viable alternatives.

Finally, we’ll also inform you about certain factors you should keep in mind before making a final decision.

By the time you’re finished you should have a better grasp on what the market has to offer and what machine suits your individual needs the most.

Ready to make a stand and take back your living space? Great! Let us introduce you to the top models in our guide.

Bissell 86T3/86T3QProfessional Upright48 lbs.Excellent5 Years$$$
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3Professional Upright40 lbs.Excellent5 Years$$$
Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4Upright24.4 lbs.Good3 Years$$
BISSELL DeepClean 36Z9Upright32 lbs.Very Good1 Year$$
Hoover Max Extract F7452900PCUpright30 lbs.Very Good1 Year$$
Hoover FH50150Upright18.1 lbs.Very Good1 Year$
Hoover F5914900 SteamVacUpright20 lbs.Good1 Year$
BISSELL PowerLifter 1622Upright23.5 lbs.Good1 Year$
BISSELL Little Green ProHeat 14259Portable12.0 lbs.Good1 Year$
BISSELL SpotClean 5207A
Portable9.2 lbs.Good2 Years$

5 Best Carpet Cleaning Machines for Sale

1. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q

4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Best carpet cleanerDo you have surfaces that experience heavy-duty use throughout the day? Do your carpets look like a horde of mongols ran over them a few days after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly?

If the site of those kinds of stains has been permanently burned into your memory, and the prospect of buying a commercial grade machine sounds more appealing to you with each muddy footprint, then the 86T3/86T3Q is the best carpet cleaning machine for you.

Don’t just take our word for it – a host of satisfied customers attest to this device’s superior cleaning capabilities in their internet reviews, stressing that this particular cleaner is superior to most rental, professional-grade machines they’ve had to deal with.

What makes this product stand out from the crowd is Bissell’s patented DirtLifter power brush technology. The brushes dig deep into your carpet’s fiber causing the most tenacious grime and dirt particles to loosen and rise up so they can be vacuumed up.

What’s more, this carpet cleaner machine cleans when you move it both forwards and backwards, making for an easier, less time consuming experience. You won’t lose out on either suction power or the time it takes for the surface to get dry.

Despite its weight, the 86T3/86T3Q is constructed in a way to make cleaning as comfortable as possible.

Specifically, it comes with an adjustable handle that lets you do the work correctly regardless of your height, and its big wheels make it easy to transport and maneuver.

It does weigh a considerable 42 pounds though, so be sure to get some help if you’re planning on using it to clean a stairwell.

With this model, you can also use hot water, making steam cleaning viable as well. A 1.75 gallon tank for clean water ensures that refills will occur much less frequently than with the competition.

There’s also a handy flow indicator that shows the current water levels in both the dirty and the clean water tank, making it easy for you to judge when you need to add more and keep going.

The 86T3/86T3Q also comes with an assortment of accessories that will enhance its effectiveness even further. There’s a 9 foot hose as well as a 6 inch tool used for cleaning hard to clean stairs and hard to remove stains.

With these you’ll be able to reach inaccessible places as well as get all that dirt out of your stairs and upholstery.

Without a doubt, this is the best carpet cleaner machine on our list overall, if you’re prepared to pay the price of top notch quality that is. It is also the best carpet steam cleaner we’ve come across.

Being a commercial grade product, it is somewhat more expensive than some other devices featured in the guide, but for that added price you’re getting an unparalleled cleaning experience that will keep your surfaces spotless and prevent new dirt from accumulating longer.

If you ask us, the piece of mind is definitely worth it.

2. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Carpet cleaning machinesThose cute little furballs you have running around are real bundles of joy most of the time. Not so much when they track dirt all throughout the house or leave fur behind everywhere though. No need to worry anymore though as the Mighty Pro X3 has got you covered.

This is a commercial grade rug cleaner which is nevertheless well suited for home use. It just means that you’ll enjoy the advantages of a sturdier, better built and better working device than you would with some lower end model.

The actual cleaning process is simple yet effective. First, depending on your carpet, it delivers a solution of cleaning agent and cold or hot water deep into your it by injecting it via powerful jets.

After the dirt has been loosened, the 10 inch dual brush system takes care of the most deep seated particles by rotating and vibrating at the same time without damaging the delicate fibers.

Lastly, its 1.74 hp motor sucks up the solution and the filth leaving only a fresh and clean smelling surface behind that will dry in no time.

The Mighty Pro X3 has a built-in 3 gallon tank for the input water / solution and a 3.9 gallon one for filthy water which you can detach to make the disposal easier.

This means that you’ll be refilling the fresh water tank and disposing of the other far less often, although if you keep the 2nd tank full it does make the device somewhat harder to maneuver.

This special pet pack edition comes with a 40 oz. bottle of pet formula designed specifically to get rid of pet smells and deeply ingrained grime that gets deposited from your pet’s paws.

Also included is a hose and universal hand tool set that will make reaching hard to get to places or cleaning your car’s interior easy and quick.

A potential downside to the Mighty Pro X3 might be its weight and general build. On one hand, its bulky nature might cause problems when maneuvering it near furniture. On the other, its shape makes it prone to tipping over, so be sure to lean it against a wall if left unattended to prevent that.

All in all though, the Mighty Pro X3 is one of the best carpet cleaners for pets and certainly a good rug shampooer.

Not only that, but it also does a thorough job of keeping your carpets like new with the same efficiency you’d come to expect from an expensive rental.

Final verdict – two paws, err, thumbs up!

3. Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4

4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Carpet cleaner reviewsAnother one of the carpet cleaners aimed at tackling those nasty pet problems is the DeepClean Premier 17N4 by Bissell.

Its innovative features and quality build will make for a tough call when choosing what carpet cleaner to ultimately buy when faced with a shedding puppy.

For starters, the Premier comes equipped with a pet hair basket which catches hair during the cleaning process so it doesn’t end up clogging and damaging its internal components.

That’s not all though as you’ll also get a specialized external accessory, the DeepReach pet stain tool which you can use specifically for reaching the most stubborn pet stains.

The powerbrush technology we’ve encountered before makes a return as well, this time in form of 12 rows of rotating dual brushes that will make short work of any deep seated filth accumulating in your carpet.

They also help to revive its pile, making for a soft and fluffy walking experience you probably haven’t felt since after you first bought it.

Thanks to the Premier’s HeatWave technology, you’ll always have a constant stream of warm water to clean your surfaces with, making the job even more effective.

No more need to constantly hop back to the sink and fill up a fresh batch of hot water as this built-in heater does a marvelous job of keeping the existing water at a steady temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Taking care of that annoying few inches of baseboard you usually end up having to clean on your own has always been a hassle, but Bissell has thought of everything it seem as this model comes with EdgeSweep, which allows you to tackle even the most stubborn stains right up until the baseboard!

When all is said and done, the Premier 17N4 might just be the best carpet cleaner for pets if you take into account what kind of specialized tools and technologies you are getting for a very reasonable price.

Add to that the fact that it keeps those hairs tightly in check and you have an excellent product for day to day home use.

4. BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet 36Z9

4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Best home carpet cleanerThis model could be classified as the Premier’s big brother in terms of the similar technologies present as well as the same focus while cleaning – tackling pet stains and hair. Does the price hike justify the difference though?

At the surface, this is another quality models from Bissell which sports all the bells and whistles we’ve grown accustomed to by now – the powerful 12 inch bristles, the large clean and dirty water tanks as well as the internal heating system are all present and accounted for.

Even the pet basket that prevents clogging is here as well.

What is different is a built-in spray nozzle which you can use to spray concentrated solution onto a small area. After this has been allowed to sit in and deal with all the filth, you can go over the spot multiple times with fresh water and suck everything up.

To ensure that cross-contamination does not occur, this carpet cleaner has a separate smaller tank for its cleaning solution, allowing you to apply it when needed and as much as is required.

The Deluxe Pet can also clean different surfaces with different levels of thoroughness. Choose light clean if the targeted area just needs a simple once-over, or heavy cleaning for surfaces under heavy traffic.

You can set it to clean different surfaces such as walls and sideboards, while an accessories setting allows you to attach side brushes and other items to make cleaning easier.

Add to that its lightweight design and 22 foot extension cord, and you’ll soon be cleaning spots you even forgot existed.

In the end, this is a high-quality, cutting edge product that will make your pet troubles a thing of the past. Still, we don’t believe the price difference makes it all that more appealing than the Premier.

Whichever you end up choosing though, those pesky hairs will be gone for good.

5. Hoover F7452900PC Carpet Washer

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Carpet cleaner machineIf you have children or childish roommates, you know that accidental spillage can be a common occurrence. Getting rid of those fresh yet potentially hardcore stains will become as easy as 123 when you put the Max Extract Dual V from Hoover to the task.

Its most unique characteristic is the Spill Pickup mode that allows you to neutralize spilling accidents before the stains become a more serious problem later on.

Helping to accomplish this is Hoover’s proprietary SpinScrub technology that features counter—rotating brushes you can use to clean your surfaces from all sides.

The brushes spin at a 360 degree angle that allows for greater reach. What’s more, they are detachable from the main body without having to resort to tools, which means you can clean them faster and more thoroughly.

The dual V in its name comes from a patented dual suction technology that enables the Max Extract to vacuum evenly through its base. Add to that its wide 13 inch nozzle and your carpets will be clean in no time.

All things considered, the Max extract might just be the best home carpet cleaner for all-round use. It cleans thoroughly, is reasonably priced and does the job right the moment you need it. We’re sold.

5 Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaner Reviews

1. Hoover FH50150

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Best carpet cleaner for petsThe folks at Hoover really have their ear to the floor, or should we say to the carpet, when it comes down to finding out and delivering what customers truly want and need.

Most of them aren’t all that nit picky and would like a carpet cleaner machine that performs admirably while not breaking the bank. The FH50150 delivers and offers much more to boot.

First of all, its light weight does not compromise its effectiveness. You can easily maneuver this cleaner around not just the house in general but around your furniture as well.

Its clean water tank has a separate compartment to put the cleaning agent in, allowing you to make weaker or stronger doses depending on the specific surface you are working with.

Initial assembly is easy and requires only a screwdriver.

After you’ve set everything up you’ll be pleased to know that the FH50150 is ready to tackle a wide range of cleaning challenges and comes well equipped with three different attachments used for different tasks.

You’ll probably spend most of your with its turbo brush attachment since it is the one used for inaccessible places, your car’s interior or for cleaning stairs. Once you’re done with an accessory, you can store it in a practical bag that comes with the device.

Once the actual cleansing has taken place, the powerful built-in motor takes care of the mess by sucking up more water than its competitors, even some pricier ones, leaving your carpets damp instead of wet and minimizing drying time.

Simply put, the FH50150 is the best carpet shampooer you can buy on a somewhat smaller budget.

The fact that it lets you adjust the cleaning solution and that you can transport it to anywhere you see fit and do a thorough job while cleaning makes it our top pick in the affordable products category.

2. Hoover F5914900 SteamVac

4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Best carpet steam cleanerWe’re sure you’ve seen a ton of commercials showcasing the power of cleaning with steam. Most of those advertised products are either too expensive or downright bad.

The SteamVac strikes a fine balance between being affordable and maintaining a good quality cleaning standard.

Going over tougher stains might not always do the trick, but this model comes with the patented Clean Surge function that releases additional cleaning agent into the solution thereby increasing its concentration for a short while.

Combine that with its durable scrubbing brushes and you have a surefire way to remove even the toughest of stains from hardwood floors, upholstery and more.

Since the cleanup is so complete, the device’s light 20 pound weight comes as somewhat of a surprise. It is one of the most mobile products in our guide and you’ll have no trouble getting to wherever it is that needs cleaning.

A drawback this carpet cleaner suffers from is its small tank capacity, meaning that you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time filling up the fresh water tank or disposing of dirty water.

Nevertheless, the F5914900 has turned out to be the best carpet steam cleaner if you are on a budget.

3. BISSELL 1622 PowerLifter Upright Deep Cleaner

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Home carpet cleanersWhat if you don’t need all the bells and whistles though, or live in a small apartment that doesn’t need heavy duty cleaning most of the time? As usual Bissell has thought of that as well.

The PowerLifter Powerbrush is exactly the best carpet cleaner machine with you in mind.

With this device everything has been engineered in order to provide maximum efficiency in a small, easy to use package. The cleaner is lightweight and can be moved around and stored easily.

It features Bissell’s DirtLifter system in the form of four rows of powerbrushes that are set up like waves. Once you turn it on and they start rotating this enables swift and merciless dirt removal from the shaggiest of carpets.

It does not come with its own water heater, but you can use hot water to fill up its bladder tank and you’re good to go. Just make sure you’re not applying hot water to woolen or similar surfaces lest you permanently damage them.

In the PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 you have an affordable, portable, good quality product that will take care of all of your small household or on the fly cleansing needs with excellent results, making it possibly the best home carpet cleaner for smaller-sized spaces. Why not give it a try?

4. BISSELL 14259 Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

Top rated carpet cleanersWhy stop with the PowerLifter PowerBrush in terms of compatibility? If you live in a smaller space, or simply don’t need all that cleaning power but are content to keep heavy duty cleaning to more serious spots only, then this little green contraption is the best carpet shampooer on the list.

Don’t let its minuscule size and feather-like weight fool you – the Little Green ProHeat is exceptional at cleaning problem spots thanks to its built-in water heater that can heat up the water you pour into it by an additional 25 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it that way throughout.

It comes with 2 tanks, the dirty water one being able to hold 48 oz of liquid so you don’t need to empty it as often. You’ll also get a crevice tool that can get to less accessible places as well as a stain brush tool perfectly suited for stubborn stains.

In terms of small size and mobility, this is definitely the best carpet shampooer on the list.

Why spring for more if your needs can be completely satisfied with such a small yet effective package? Plus, it looks kinda cute, which is always a nice touch.

5. BISSELL 5207A SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner

3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)

What is the best carpet cleaner?Another smaller carpet shampooer by Bissell, the SpotClean 5207A does what it’s name suggests – cleaning spots, and it does that rather well.

Its small size makes it suitable for an office or smaller living space that doesn’t need all that much maintenance but where accidents do happen from time to time.

An interesting feature specific to this model is its stain trapper tool.

On one hand, it can be used to clean those hard to get rid of, ingrained stains. On the other, it traps all the extracted dirt in a separate compartment that keeps it from getting to the machine’s interior and potentially damaging it in the first place.

Apart from that you’ve got your standard separate tanks marked with fill lines, a crevice tool and hose. Users report that the suction might not be as good as that of other similarly priced models, but it’s bound to be enough for smaller areas and spots.

We recommend you get this model if your cleaning needs are easily met and you don’t want to spend too much cash yet still get a worthwhile product that does what it’s supposed to.

With no major drawbacks to speak of, the SpotClean 5207A is sure to hit all the right spots both in your budget and on your carpet.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy

Best carpet cleaner machineIf you have read through our best carpet cleaner reviews as thoroughly as the featured products will clean your surfaces you might have already found your perfect match. Still, be sure to also ponder over the following factors before you commit to anything:

Use of space – as we’ve seen, some carpet cleaning machines pride themselves in being light and flexible. Others are more robust but also boast more power.

If you live in a larger busy household your best bet would be to get the latter. Then again, if you also have a lot of furniture or valuable pieces that don’t respond well to moving, a lighter Carpet cleaner is the way to go.

The choice is obvious if you are living in a smaller house or in an apartment where every inch of living space is precious.

No use in needlessly cluttering up the place when a smaller machine will do just as good.

To heat or not to heat? – some carpet shampooers, mainly those made by Bissell, come with built-in water heaters. This feature is great if you want that extra kick hot water provides in cleaning your surfaces better. However, some materials are delicate and can not be treated with hot water for fear of damage.

Make sure you inform yourself about your carpet’s composition and other specifications before you go and spend money on something that you not only don’t need, but which could end up ruining your property as well.

Stuff you need vs stuff that looks good on paper – expanding on our previous tip, there’s also the matter of finding the right balance of price and features.

All of the featured product do a fine job of cleaning your surfaces, but some might be better at certain aspects of it than others. The bristle composition or the ability to clean with both forward and backward movement can impact your experience and satisfaction.

If you know you’ve got a tough job ahead of you, pick a model that can tackle it. Alternately, there’s no need to spend big if all you need taken care of is a spot or two.

Is your cleaner pet smart? – Some devices are better at dealing with pet hair and other unsavory byproducts of owning a dog or cat and have been designed with that specifically in mind.

Baskets and stain traps do a good job of keeping the pet-related stuff they suck up safely contained. The same might not be said of other models where the hair might get entangled with interior parts and cause serious problems.

If you are a pet owner, make sure that above all else your chosen carpet cleaner has cleaning after pets as one of its priorities.

What about other surfaces? – since you’re about to invest a considerable sum of money into a cleaning machine, why not get something that takes care of more than one problem for you? Limiting yourself to a device that can only take care of carpets might not be a good idea, especially if you might not have other appropriate tools at hand.

Some of the products in this guide can act as vacuum cleaners; others can be put to use on hardwood floors, clean upholstery or even walls in some cases.

Spending a few dollars extra now might save you both the hassle and expense of having to get another machine down the road.


So, what is the best carpet cleaner you might ask? We’ve purposefully avoided an unambiguous answer because almost every product on the list has something going for it, whether it’s outstanding working performance, a unique feature for specific situations or a price that can’t be beat.

The real question you should be asking yourself is – what do I need this thing to actually do? One thing all of the devices we’ve looked at have in common is the ability to do a thorough job of keeping your surfaces in tip-top shape and your home free of offensive odors.

It is up to you to decide whether that is all you need or if getting a more advanced model would be better in the long run.

Whatever you end up buying, we’re sure that the sigh of contentment you’ll let out when the arduous cleaning process is over and you look around only to discover no hair, stain or smell in sight, will be both your and our finest reward.


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