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How to make your own Carpet Cleaning Solution

Carpets can fall victim to dirt and stains no matter how careful we try to be. Sometimes we can clean our carpet with conventional methods, but other times more extreme measures are called for. While heavy chemicals are available, many people try to avoid them, especially if they have pets or children. This article will […]

Best Sewing Machine Reviews in 2016

Do your clothes look drab and uninspired? Do you want the best sewing machine for your budget and skill level but don’t know where to start? Keep reading our guide and we’ll soon have you in stitches. Who knows, you might even get a laugh out of it as well. Sewing is such a versatile […]

This is How You Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

A Singer sewing machine is the mechanical equivalent of a needle and thread. That said, you have to thread your sewing machine, just as you would have to thread a needle, each and every time you use it. For the most part, this process is very straightforward. This article will present several easy to follow […]

Want to Oil your Sewing Machine? This is how you do it!

A sewing machine is like any other kind of machine; it is a piece of mechanical engineering that will need some level of regular maintenance. Fortunately, the only real maintenance that a sewing machine requires is a periodic oiling. Without regular oiling, the parts of the sewing machine will begin to dry out and create […]

Tips to Buy the Right Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is piece of equipment that is designed to last a lifetime. Since you probably won’t have to replace any sewing machine you buy, it is critical that you purchase one that is truly right for you. Knowing what projects you want to tackle, along with the heights you want to take your […]

How to Use a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a remarkable piece of equipment, designed to last a lifetime of sewing, hemming, and creating new garments. While the machine itself is actually very basic in design and function, it can seem a little intimidating when being used for the first time. The bobbins, needles, spools and pedals can seem far […]

Choose Your Floor Design with the Help of these Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

There are plenty of benefits of getting bamboo in your home even if it seems like an exotic material to use for flooring. In fact, there are many ways in which you can make it beautiful and elegant in an affordable manner. Several advantages allow it to hold an edge over other types of material. […]

Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews in 2016

Is your hatred of the unclean as deep seated as the grime in your carpets? Wanna know what the best carpet cleaner is to do battle with it? Find out by reading through our comprehensive guide! A proverb says that in life only death and taxes are inevitable. If you ask anyone who has ever […]

How to use a Bissell Proheat 2x Carpet Cleaner

No matter how much care and effort you take to keep your carpets clean, there are times when the regular methods just aren’t enough. This is especially true in heavy traffic areas, where carpets are subjected to dirty feet, shoes, and all sorts of other dirt spreading culprits. When regular cleaning falls short, a good […]

The Best Ways to Maintain your Carpet

Carpets are the most used and abused elements of any home. From people traffic to pet traffic, all sorts of feet and paws track in dirt, mud and the general grime that can make any carpet appear dull and dingy. Regular vacuuming is not always enough, especially in the case of heavy traffic areas. This […]